Lucid Community Guidelines

Lucid is a worldwide community of users who are dedicated to tackling fake news and overcoming misinformation. These guidelines will help you get the best out of working together with the community.

General guidelines

Be tolerant with others' opinions

Lucid is a multicultural community where religions, politics, and world views may vary. Please keep this in mind when rating, commenting, and interacting with other users and site owners.

Be respectful

Treat others in a civil manner and use proper language when interacting with others. Please do not post anything unlawful, defamatory, offensive, insulting, profane, or vulgar.

Be truthful

Ratings and comments must represent your own opinion and/or experience. Try to be as objective as possible and avoid rating articles based on generalization or personal bias. Please identify yourself as the author of an article or employee of a company publishing an article if you are commenting on it.

Remember your responsibility

Every member is responsible for their own ratings and comments. Ratings can especially affect small businesses and in some cases, people’s lives, so try to be reasonable and do not give a rating without a good reason. Comments that are given without basis can also have legal consequences, depending on your country’s laws.

Language of communication

The preferred language on the forum is English. While posting comments, feel free to use English or the same language that the article is written in. However, if you wish to contact Lucid, please use English in your messages.

Zero tolerance for manipulation

Lucid does not tolerate manipulation and a user account can be banned without prior notice if such behavior is detected. This includes creating more than one user account, paying people to rate articles, or using other unethical ways to manipulate ratings.

Best practices for commenting

Comments should be descriptive and give at least one reason. “Good article” is not a good comment.

Comments are not a place to share general opinions about a topic, and should be strictly about your own beliefs regarding an article.

Do not post links to competitors or similar websites in your comment.

Keep your comments brief and to the point.

Try not to recycle the same comments for multiple articles, as each should describe the commented site as well as possible.